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Are the changes that you're making the best pathway to get you and your team to your destination as efficiently as possible?

Because if your restructure includes a New Leader, New members, Downsizing, New Project, M&A or a change to the business culture
You need to know that 4 out of 10 business and team restructures end up failing
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Welcome to the Assimilating-Talent website.
site is packed with information that's designed to share with you as much information on the vital topic of business restructure and team building as possible.

It will enable you to make an informed decision on whether my business is right for working with you to improve the chances of your team and your business success when embarking on a team restructure or change.

y team and I
love working with the decision makers and those responsible for leading the team. We derive huge satisfaction when
sharing our knowledge, stimulating and inspiring managers and their teams so that they achieve even greater results.

Stephen Harvard Davis
founder of Assimilating-Talent

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