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"Preparing for the future you don't yet know about"      

A public event run by Assimilating-Talent that can also be run for your senior team to spend one day looking at the future and your business.  

The future is difficult to predict …. and just as often misunderstood
Corporate history is littered with examples of organisations caught flat footed by changes which they had failed to identify and appreciate the impact before it was too late

Driving through change is notoriously difficult

The path forwards is littered with potholes. Leading an organisation through change is challenging, and often isolating for leaders who are, quite often, surrounded by doubters even within their senior team.

Agile organisations are change ready
Being change ready is a key characteristic of the agile organisation able to, not only navigate in an unpredictable world, but thrive on that very turbulence. 

How is the day spent? 
The day is structured into three sessions :-

“The future – threats or opportunities?”
Starts out by looking at the pace of change. We think about whether this is this just hype or reality. We then dip into the world of futureology, looking at some of the latest scientific advances/social trends, and extrapolating how they may affect our future.

"The risks of change"
Looks at some of the latest thinking by channge experts. We look at why change is resisted, the plethora of change models and how to choose between them and some of the potential pitfalls to each. This part of the day is about enabling the organisation to manage consultants rather than the other way around

“Making the organisation responsive to change”
Deals with how we can make our organisation ready for change.  Specifically, we look at what it takes to set up the organisation to ride the wave of a storm of smaller changes.

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"Preparing for The Future You Don't Yet Know about"



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